16. Random Thoughts and photos...

Double entendre aside, I still think this is worst named doughnut place, in the world, ever. To make matters worse, the windows, at this particular store in Pottsboro, Texas, are painted to read, "Cream 'em cards", "We (heart) Cream".

Yesterday, while I was in the midst of my "I hate the country" mood, this pulled in front of me at the Sonic drive through. It only helped to solidify my position.

Subsequently, this is the view from the parking lot of this same Sonic in Bells, Texas:

In the city, if you go to a restaurant and request to sit on their patio, you are shown, what is basically, an extension of the parking lot with a few chairs and a table thrown out on it. The smell of the passing car's exhaust fumes practically covering the aroma of your food. Of course, this is the country so you can pretty much pull over, with your chili cheese tater tots, off of any road, and revel in a similar ambiance.

On par, with my experiences with mayonnaise, in Bonham, Texas, they also apparently adore cheese. 

In my blog, Jogging, I complained about not having a bike trail out in the middle of the country. Well, this is my road as of today:
(The city calls it, "expanding the road for wide loads". I call it, "A BIKE LANE!!!")

I took this picture while in Denison, Texas, trying to decide if I should turn right or left...

Took this the other day. It isn't actually country related BUT I feel certain that a larger city would have a city ordinance against flipper being used as a postal receptacle.

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